Hi, I’m Ilya


a digital designer, art director and design manager. For the last decade, I’ve been working with creative agencies1,2 and product teams1,2 to deliver more sense and value to their projects. Here are some recent ones.

If you want to chat, drop me an email or hit me up on Facebook and LinkedIn. Here is my CV with a more complete list of the things I have accomplished.

Mads Courses






Panasonic Lumix special project

Panasonic’s “Art of breakfast”

Sometimes I write or talk about design. Here are some recent texts.

Advertising, tech and art: an interview with a multidisciplinary art director Ilya Sizov

Baronmag, Nov 2019

The designer of pixride.com gives advice about inspiration

Freeyork, Nov 2019

Art director Ilya Sizov about “Northiness” as a world view

Layerbag, Nov 2019

Besides my design activities, I devote myself to the art project Northiness, make music as Gust Recorder and run a nostalgic blog dform-dstrkt.